Sales office hours 5am - 2pm: 01691 776425
Sales 24hr contact:
Richard Edwards 07969 065 655 Alyn Edwards 07967 027 887

Alyn Edwards Call: 07967 027 887 Alyn Edwards
T:07967 027 887

Richard Edwards
T: 07969 065 655


This side of the business deals with medium to large bulk orders, anything from 5 boxes to 10 pallet orders. Customers can collect from premises between 5am-2pm trade only, manual or forklifted

Chilled produce ordered will remain in cold room until collected. All customers orders ready picked for collection or customers are welcome to select their own produce on sight.

Over the years we have developed a established relationships with large trade or independent supermarkets and provide an ongoing regular delivery schedule for them.

A.Edwards Fruit & Veg Wholesaler

At A. Edwards Fruit & Veg Wholesaler we offer:
  • Quality, fresh fruit & veg
  • Dairy products
  • Seasonal, locally grown produce
  • Regional delivery 6 days a week,52 weeks a year
  • Next day delivery
  • Friendly and professional┬ásales team

We've established ourselves an excellent reputation in the local area due to our sound commitment for fresh seasonal produce delivered on time.