Sales office hours 5am - 2pm: 01691 776425
Sales 24hr contact:
Richard Edwards 07969 065 655 Alyn Edwards 07967 027 887

Alyn Edwards Call: 07967 027 887 Alyn Edwards
T:07967 027 887

Richard Edwards
T: 07969 065 655


All deliveries are made in our clean and modern vehicles, from 26 ton to 1 ton vehicles. Palletised, trolley cages, tail lifted and hand carried to the customers vehicle - when onsite. 

Our delivery service includes the following:

  • Next day delivery guaranteed
  • Produce delivered 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year
  • Fresh, seasonal goods always available
  • Delivered to caterers, restaurants, hotels, etc.


All invoicing can be computerised and delivered by email or hand written to suit.

Orders can be placed by phone fax or email, see our contact page. Deliveries can be made on a cash on delivery basis or we also offer full trade credit account facilities subject to terms and conditions. If you would like a current price list please email or phone us on 01691 776425

To help with ordering please download the order spreadsheet and either email us it back or return to us via fax.

Itemise your order clearly and distinctly giving us the name of the Goods or Products required and the quantity you want to order.

A.Edwards Fruit & Veg Wholesaler

At A. Edwards Fruit & Veg Wholesaler we offer:
  • Quality, fresh fruit & veg
  • Dairy products
  • Seasonal, locally grown produce
  • Regional delivery 6 days a week,52 weeks a year
  • Next day delivery
  • Friendly and professional¬†sales team

We've established ourselves an excellent reputation in the local area due to our sound commitment for fresh seasonal produce delivered on time.